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"I highly recommend Bear Claw Land Services. Austin and his crew, did an amazing job on my property. The property was littered with downed trees, tons of junipers, and old structure debris. After a grueling week of work, the property now looks like a beautiful City Park. . Thanks Austin, Josh, and Chris ." -
Al Rem

"Working with Bear Claw Land Services was flawless. They came to the project when agreed upon and performed wonderful tree and fire mitigation for us, our property looks lovely and improved. I highly recommend Bear Claw Land Services for their professionalism, work quality, and communication skills." - Val Feavel

Imagine Building A Business

Right Outside Of Your Back Door

  • ​Servicing local clients who are more than happy to pay you for your time…

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  • Most importantly, building something that is bigger than yourself!

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  • ​Without ever having to ask permission from a boss again.

The Strategy is Surprisingly Simple, Yet Incredibly Effective

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